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Medical Scales

Medical Scales shop offers professional medical-grade weighing equipment and accessories.

Medical Scales and accessories to equip any professional healthcare environment. Our range of medical scales is manufactured by Marsden in the UK which is synonymous with the design and manufacture of high-end Class III approved medical-grade weighing scales and accessories. Our Medical Scales are built to be used in a professional healthcare setting such as within an NHS hospital. We also supply Marsden accessories to complement our Medical Scale range. Marsden weighing scales are covered by a manufacturer's warranty which ranges from 1-year to 4-years depending on which products are purchased. Please see the individual product description for more details.


  • Floor Scales

    Floors Scales for safe and accurate Class III approved weighing.

    Floor Scales listed here are all manufactured to medical-grade standards and are Class III approved meaning they are built for use within a professional healthcare setting. Floor Scales are widely used within NHS facilities such as hospitals and GP surgeries as well as gyms and other places where a person's weight needs to be closely monitored to determine what specific treatment an individual should receive such as the correct dose of drugs where an accurate body weight to drug ratio must be determined prior to administration. All of our Floor Scales are extremely portable making them the ideal choice for many applications.

  • Chair Scales

    Chair Scales are built for professional use and are Class III Approved.

    Chair Scales are primarily used within hospitals and other facilities such as nursing and care homes. Our Chair Scales are manufactured to the highest professional standards and all Class III Approved meaning they can be used to access a patient's weight before medical treatments are administered.  Class III Approved medical weighing scales such as the Chair Scales available for purchase on this website are widely used within the NHS and private healthcare facilities with a brand name well-known and trusted due to high accuracy and reliability. All of our Chair Scales are covered with the manufacturer's 4-year warranty.

  • Patient Transfer Scales

    Patient Transfer Scales for moving and weighing immobile patients and MDD approved.

    Patient Transfer Scales are an innovative product introduced by Marsden and inventor Gillian Taylor who is a registered nurse who had worked within the NHS for over 20 years. Patient Transfer Scales allow for the measuring of an immobile patient's weight prior to administering treatment such as deciding on the correct dose of drugs. Patient Transfer Scales are primarily found in hospitals and other healthcare environments allowing for an accurate and precise patient weighing with dignity and ease during the lateral transfer process. Marsden Patient Transfer Scales are covered by a manufacturer's 4-year warranty and can be purchased with an optional carry case for easy and safe transportation.

  • Column Scales

    Column Scales for easy weighing with Class III accuracy and reliability.

    Column Scales that are Class III approved are generally found and required for patient assessment in professional healthcare settings such as hospitals and medical centres. Column Scales are simple and convenient to use when multiple patient weighing is required on daily basis. Our professional-grade medical Column Scales are manufactured in accordance with the highest industry standards and are all Class III approved meaning they are suitable for public and private healthcare facilities. Used and approved for use within the NHS our weighing scales are accurate and reliable and come with a manufacturer's 4-year warranty.

  • Marsden Weighing...

    Marsden Weighing Accessories to use in conjunction with Marsden Medical Scales and equipment.

    Marsden Weighing Accessories are available for purchase and are specifically designed to use with Marsden Weighing Scales as specified within the product description and specifications (Please read product info before purchasing). Marsden Weighing Accessories range includes hooks, carry cases, printer rolls, batteries, and adaptors ensuring the uninterrupted use of your critical Medical Scales and other Marsden products. Most Marsden Weighing Accessories are stock items which means they are available for immediate dispatch and can be ordered in any quantity and as often as necessary further enhancing confidence in the globally respected Marsden brand.

  • Weighing Scale Carry...

    Weighing Scale Carry Cases for safe and convenient transportation of medical weighing scales.

    Weighing Scale Carry Cases are a must-have accessory for healthcare professionals such as midwives who travel around visiting people's homes during the course of their daily work schedule. Weighing Scale Carry Cases are specifically designed and made to transport certain models of medical scales available to purchase on this website. Our Weighing Scale Carry Cases are durable and protective and will reduce the risk of damage to your medical weighing equipment from drop, bumps, and knock during transportation. Our Carry Cases also make the carrying of your Medical Scales more comfortable and convenient and hassle-free.

  • Baby Scales

    Baby Scales for critical Class III weighing of newborns and toddlers.

    Baby Scales that are Class III approved are required by hospitals and medical centres so that newborns and toddlers can be weighed to monitor their development during the early months preceding birth. Our Class III medical Baby Scales are designed and manufactured in accordance with the highest industry standards by the UK's most trusted experts in weighing scale manufacturing. Our Baby Scales are easily transportable and an optional carry case is available making them perfect for healthcare professionals such as midwives when making home visits to check a newborn baby's development. Our Baby Scales benefit from the manufacturer's 4-year warranty.

  • Veterinary Scales

    Veterinary Scales for the medical assessment of animals requiring medical treatment.

    Veterinary Scales are designed to help a vet decide upon the right and safe course of treatment for a sick animal. Veterinary Scales are used in the same way a doctor would use Medical Scales in a hospital to assess a person before treating them. Our Veterinary Scales are expertly built to be practical, durable, and give highly accurate results and are available in a varied range of designs and sizes to accommodate small to large animals. Our range of professional Veterinary Scales is an extremely popular choice with veterinary practices based within the UK due to the brand's reputation for excellence and comes complete with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. 

  • Hoist Scales

    Hoist Scales Class III approved for weighing patients with mobility issues.

    Hoist Scales simply attach to hooks on the patient hoist spreader bar making it possible to monitor the weight of an individual who is bed-bound or has restricted mobility where moving and handling by trained care staff is necessary on a day to day basis. Hoist Scales available for purchase on this website are manufactured in accordance with the highest industry regulatory standards and are Class III approved so suitable for use within a professional healthcare setting such as care homes and hospitals. Our Hoist Scales are also Medical Device Directive (MDD) Approved and are covered by the manufacturer's 4-year warranty for peace of mind.

  • Bed and Trolley Scales

    Bed and Trolley Scales for use in care homes and hospitals.

    Bed and Trolley Scales are generally found in hospitals and care home and are used to weigh a person who is confined to a bed or being moved on a trolley. When a person is bedridden these types of weighing scales are essential to determine the general condition of a patient before administering treatment such as working out the correct dose of a drug for a specific person. Bed and Trolley Scales available for purchase here are manufactured in accordance with the highest industry standards and are Class III approved meaning they can be used in professional healthcare setting such as hospitals or care and nursing home. Our Bed and Trolley Scales are covered by the manufacturer's 4-year warranty.

  • Measuring Equipment

    Measuring Equipment to be used with or without our Medical Scales.

    Measuring Equipment is widely used by medical professionals in conjunction with our range of Medical Scales. Our varied range of Measuring Equipment consists of standard equipment such as our basic measuring rods to our Automatic Height Measurer which has been designed to be used in conjunction with our Column Scales. The measuring Equipment we offer is widely used by healthcare professionals such as those working within hospitals, medical centres, and GP surgeries to check a person's general state of health before deciding on a safe and specific course of medical treatment for the patent. Our Measuring Equipment is covered by a manufacturer's 1-year warranty.

  • Wheelchair Scales

    Wheelchair Scales for Class III approved weighing of non-standing individuals.

    Wheelchair Scales are an essential part of a hospital's patient assessment routine. Wheelchair Scales are used when in many cases the person being assessed cannot stand to be weighed on a Column or Floor Scale. Our Wheelchair Scales are suitable for almost all types of Wheelchairs and are built to the highest regulatory standards meaning they are all Class III approved ensuring the results are extremely accurate and reliable which is critical when pre-determining how to proceed with an individual's specific medical care. As with all of our line of professional Medical Scales our Wheelchair Scales are covered by the manufacturer's 4-year warranty for peace of mind.

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