Slide thumbnailMedical Scales and accessories to equip any professional healthcare environment. Our range of medical scales is manufactured by Marsden in the UK which is synonymous with the design and manufacture of high-end Class III approved medical-grade weighing scales and accessories. Our Medical Scales are built to be used in a professional healthcare setting such as within an NHS hospital. We also supply Marsden accessories to complement our Medical Scale range. Marsden weighing scales are covered by a manufacturer's warranty which ranges from 1-year to 4-years depending on which products are purchased. Please see the individual product description for more details.

Medical scales for weighing patients with Class III accuracy and reliability.

Medical scales are a necessary and required piece of equipment that all professional healthcare providers require in order to carry out an accurate assessment of the patient under their care and to administer treatment correctly. Medical scales are crucial to a healthcare provider's ability to work out the correct drug dosage where the amount is determined by the person's weight;  it is vital the weighing equipment used is of a medical-grade standard and meets all regulatory requirements. Our medical scales are manufactured by the most trusted and reliable name in the medical scales industry, Marsden, which is globally renowned for providing high-end, highly accurate professional-grade medical weighing scales, that are Class III approved and used by professional healthcare providers within the UK and internationally. The weighing equipment on 'Medical Scales' can be found widespread within NHS hospitals and care homes due to Marsden's reputation for excellence and precision. We supply a wide range of professional medical scales and accessories that meet our customer's requirements including those working within hospitals, GP surgeries, gyms, and care homes. Remember, when choosing critical patient weighing equipment Marsden are the healthcare professional's first choice for good reason.